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百乐源物理活性保鲜袋彻底摒弃了传统使用化学药剂及保鲜剂的方式不含任何化学物质,运用物理气调、活性环保透气不透水的原理,充分满足果蔬呼吸,特具有的 气体吸附性负离子及远红外线的特性,可有效吸附有害气体并调节各种气体的浓度比例,延迟果蔬后熟抑菌杀菌、降解农药残留,防止因水份过快流失而降低其营养 成份,显著延长被保鲜产品的保鲜期,使产品所含维生素的损失率减少50%,从根本上实现了口感、色泽、营养成份没有发生改变的理想的保鲜效果。




How to keep fresh edible mushrooms by edible fungi


Edible fungi as a delicious food on the table, in in recent years has become more and more people in the consumption of main ingredients, but of edible fungus how fresh but not too understand. Today we are going to learn together. ...

How to preserve the fresh jujube storage technology


Fresh jujube if you do not take any fresh measures, only a few days will be able to keep fresh in a few days will quickly soften brown, resulting in greater economic losses. Here we study the storage method of fresh jujube. Storage of fresh jujube...