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15 10-09

百乐源历届所获荣誉资质 百乐源荣誉


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15 09-23

Japan and South Korea Industry Expo with

In September 23rd, the first China Industry Expo in Weifang Lutai Exhibition Center Grand opening. The Expo is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the Japan International Trade Promotion Association, the South Korean trade association and other national institutions, due to its high specifications, the development level of business...

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15 07-20

Baileyuan Mr. Zhu Chairman..

July 18, 2015, the national agricultural products wholesale market food safety summit held in Beijing National Convention center. The conference by the National Federation of farmers city center, vice president and Secretary General Na Shaoping presided over, Weifang baileyuan fresh packaging Co....

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15 06-13

Baileyuan fresh "health camp" - landin

On 12 June 2015, Tupper, chairman of the source Zhu Yongwei should CCTV health journey column group invited, interviewed in "health camp" column.
Discovered by CCTV journey channel sponsored "health camp" column group to undertake the 2015 annual CCTV Discovery Tour "health camp" column topic cum "for Chinese health sources" of the conference in...

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15 06-04

Baileyuan investigation team sunshine bl


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15 06-04

Weifang baileyuan in energy saving and e


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15 04-25

Hebei director Wang led the team to visi


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15 04-25



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