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Company Profile

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Weifang Baileyuan Preservation Packing Co., Ltd. is located in the city center of Weifang which is known as the "world kite capital" and the transportation hub of Shandong Peninsula. The Corporate headquarters is at the intersection of Dongfeng Avenue and Heping Street. With the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and 309 State Road by it’s north. It’s a kilometer from the railway station, Three kilometers away from Weifang Airport and one hundred and thirty kilometers from Qingdao port. The transportation is very convenient.


Baileyuan Co. Ltd. is the only company specializing in the R&D of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural preservation packaging materials and sales in China. Company exclusive developed a new green preservation packaging products which is safe and efficient, energy-saving, low cost, and wide application. With special natural volcanic rock as the raw material, through the ultrafine grinding, high temperature roasting, magnetization processes, the raw material processed into powder and freshness preservation master batch, which is a base material produced by a series of Baileyuan preservation products. The product has the characteristics of gas adsorption, antibacterial, release negative ion and far infrared, and the product has a better effect than traditional preservation materials and chemical preservation products in the delay ripening of fruits and vegetables, antimicrobial sterilization, extend shelf life, degradation of pesticide residues and other aspects.


The company has two production plants and 268 employees. Company has registered capital of 980,000 yuan, total asset 26 million yuan, annual sales income 18 million yuan. We put agricultural modernization as the objectives, adhere to the "mutual benefits" principle, and accelerate the promotion and developments of new preservation technology by strengthen the cooperation and communication with agricultural production enterprises. We believe manufacture preservation products according to the different requirements of customers is conducive to the development of enterprise. In the spirit of the idea --Quality presenting dignity and credit foremost, we won the trust of our customers and occupied an important position in the preservation industry. We sincerely welcome new and old customers, hope we’ll mutual benefit, shared our interests, and establish a long-term cooperation relationship and seek common development.